Wine Certification Standards

Grapes from Demeter certified vineyards go into three different types of wines: certified (which includes Made with Biodynamic Grapes or Biodynamic Wine) and uncertified wines. Only certified wines can display the Demeter logo on the bottle.

This helpful chart shows the difference between the two types of certified wines.

Below the chart, find a list of wineries by the type of certified (or uncertified) wine they produce. 

Wine standards chart

Wineries and Wine Certifications

Biodynamic Wine

• AmByth Estate

• Beaver Creek Vineyards

• Benziger Family Winery

• Brick House Vineyards*

• Cooper Mountain Vineyards*

• Cowhorn*

• Emiliana Organic Vineyards**

• Frey Vineyards

• Hedges Family Estate

• Johan Vineyards*

• Kelley Fox Wines

• Porter Creek Vineyards

• Preston Farm and Winery*

• Qupé

• Radio Coteau

• Verdad

• Wilridge Vineyard & Winery

Made with Biodynamic Grapes

• Authentique Wine Cellars*

• Benziger Family Winery

• Bonterra*

• Brick House Vineyards*

• Cooper Mountain Vineyards*

• Cowhorn*

• DeLoach Vineyards

• Emiliana Organic Vineyards**

• Johan Vineyards*

• Keeler Estate*

• King Estate*

• Montinore Estate*

• Narrow Gate Vineyards

• Porter Creek Vineyards

• Raymond Vineyards

• Verdad

• Winderlea

Vineyard Certification Only

• Adamvs

• Ampelos Cellars

• Analemma Wines

• Beckmen Vineyards (Purisima Mountain*)

• DaVero

• DeLoach Vineyards (Boisset Family Estates)

• Domaine Anderson (Roederer Estate)

• Eco Terreno*

• Eisele Vineyard

• Golden Cellars*

• Grimm’s Bluff*

• Hamel Family Wines

• Hawk and Horse Vineyards*

• Home Farm*

• Jack Rabbit Hill Estate Winery

• Marian Farms/Distillery*

• Martian Ranch & Vineyard*

• Porter Bass*

• Popeloucham

• Rex Hill (A to Z Wineworks)

• Sea Smoke Estate Vineyards*

• Soter Vineyards-Mineral Springs Ranch

• Tablas Creek

• Tesseron Estate-Pym-Rae*

• Upper Five Vineyard*

• Villa Creek (Maha Estate)

• Westwood (Annadel Gap)

* = Brand is 100% Biodynamic Estate Wines

**Foreign wineries that have their wines certified by Demeter USA for U.S. sale

Note: A winery can make wine according to more than one standard - i.e. a winery can make a Biodynamic Wine and it can also make a Made with Biodynamic Grape wine.