Conference Overview


Demeter USA is proud to welcome you to the first International Biodynamic Wine Conference in the U.S., taking place Sunday May 6 and Monday May 7 in San Francisco's Golden Gate Club in the historic Presidio park.

This is the largest gathering of the Biodynamic wine community ever held in the U.S. This inaugural event is not to be missed.

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The two day conference is designed to reach a diverse group of Demeter certified Biodynamic producers, other vineyards and wineries, winemakers, distributors, restaurant buyers, sommeliers, media and more and to educate the wider wine world about the quality and appeal of these wines. 

We expect these events to sell out, so register early.

Explore the links below to learn more about the three major events:

• Biodynamic Producer Day

• Trade & Media Day and Grand Tasting

Demeter Rocks! Party

Ticket and Registration Information

Sunday, May 6: Biodynamic Producer Day

Keynote: Anne Biklé and David Montgomery


Hear renowned authors and scientists Anne Biklé and David Montgomery (co-authors of The Hidden Half of Nature) talk about soil and the microbiome - and how it affects wine - followed by a panel discussion with leading Biodynamic research scientists. 

Biodynamic Viticulture Track


Explore new thinking about the BD preps, get tips on compost and compost teas,  learn how expert viticulturists address challenges in the vines and find out how some vineyard managers manage commercial size Biodynamic vineyards of 100 to 1,000+ acres.

Biodynamic Winemaking Track


Discover what yeasts are in the vineyard with the curator of the microbe collection at U.C. Davis, dive into the Demeter wine standards, and get insights on native yeast ferments from top winemakers.

Biodynamic Wine Marketing Track


Are consumers and wine merchants beginning to understand Biodynamic wine and why it matters? What market signals are emerging? Will the introduction of Biodynamic foods help consumers understand Biodynamic wine? Marketplace experts weigh in. 

Monday, May 7, Day: Trade and Media Day

Opening Remarks and Keynote Address


Vintner Jean-Charles Boisset kicks off the conference, followed by Biodynamic wine expert Monty Waldin, who will deliver the keynote address on Biodynamic Wine from an international perspective.

Panels: Biodynamic Experts from Around the World


The largest U.S. gathering of winemakers, distributors, sommeliers,  scientists, and marketplace experts focused on Biodynamic wines will share their knowledge and insights. Learn why the world's great estates are increasingly turning to Biodynamic practices and how BD wines are gaining more recognition in the marketplace.

Grand Tasting: More than 150 Wines from Biodynamic Vines


Featured Regions:

• Europe: France (Bordeaux, Champagne, Languedoc, Rhone), Italy (Alto Adige, Tuscany)

• South America: Argentina, Chile

• U.S.: California, Oregon, Washington

Demeter Rocks! Consumer grand tasting and Party

Monday, May 7, EVeNING: Demeter Rocks! Party

Consumer Grand Tasting and Party

Welcome to this historic event!

• An extraordinary gathering of leading Biodynamic winemakers from around the world

• Enjoy a Grand Tasting of Biodynamic wines, Biodynamic bites, and live music

• At the Golden Gate Club - with a magnificent view of the Golden Gate Bridge and the beautiful San Francisco Bay! 

• All are welcome. 

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