Information for International Producers


We hope you will join us at the conference for this very special gathering.
Participants from Canada, Chile, France (Bordeaux and the Rhone), Italy (Tuscany) and more are coming. Join us!


Please email us for a link to the Demeter member and exhibitor information.


We will be posting a list of interested, Demeter certified traders looking for wines to represent in the U.S. soon.


Questions about Demeter certification in the U.S. for your Biodynamic wines (required in the U.S.)? 


Why Attend

Educational Panels

•  Viticulture and winemaking expert panelists

• Leading speakers on the U.S. and international marketplace for Biodynamic wines

Grand Testing

• Showcase your wines - participate in the Grand Tasting 

• Purchase of Grand Cuvée Exhibitor Pass required (Contact Demeter for information on purchasing the pass and for guidelines on wines that can be poured)

• All wines poured must be from Demeter certified (or in transition) vines

• We can provide you with a COLA waiver (processing fee $75) from our partnering importer for the conference (sign up to for the exhibitor pass first)

Import Expertise and Trade Opportunities

• Demeter USA staff to assist you in person on import requirements

• Network with certified traders/wine importers seeking wineries to represent

• Learn how to certify a new trader/distributor ($370 processing fee)

Note to our International Demeter Colleagues

U.S. Legal Requirements

In the USA, the terms DEMETER® and BIODYNAMIC® are registered certification marks, meaning that products represented as Biodynamic here must be verified to meet the USA Wine Processing & Labeling Standard. 

In practical terms, this means that the winery, or its U.S. representative (importer or broker) must have a licensing agreement with Demeter USA. While this is an extra step that is necessary for our Demeter international colleagues to make, it is vitally important to uphold the certification marks - and thereby protect the standards - in the US marketplace. 

Upcoming Discussions

Demeter International is currently in discussion about simplifying the process by which certified products can cross borders and this issue will be addressed at the June 2018 Members’ Assembly. 

In the meantime, we are asking our international wineries and vineyards that want to represent their certified products in the U.S. marketplace to be sure they are in compliance with Demeter USA.

There are a few U.S. broker/distributors interested in building their Biodynamic portfolio, and there will be many more at the conference. 

In the meantime, if you are looking for U.S. representation please feel free to reach out to Demeter USA.

Uncertified Vineyards or Wineries

If your vineyard or winery is not certified, It will be necessary for you to become Demeter certified through the Demeter organization in your country (or through Demeter International, if there is not a Demeter organization in your country) in order to pour your wines at the Trade & Media Day Grand Tasting and at the Demeter Rocks! Party and Grand Tasting. 

In the USA it is possible to get certified as “in conversion” to Biodynamic and vineyards that are “in conversion” may pour wine made from these grapes at the Trade & Media Grand Tasting.  Please contact the Demeter certification office for more information. 

Demeter USA Contact

If you have questions about these topics, please contact