MONDAY, May 7: Trade & Media Day - FEATURED SPEAKERS



• International Biodynamic wine expert

• Author, Biodynamic Wine, more

• Host, The Italian Wine Podcast

• Decanter World Wine Awards Judge for Tuscany

Program: 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM / GRAND TASTING 4:00 - 6:00 PM

This daylong program is designed for trade and media to learn more about Biodynamic wines from a variety of price points and regions:

• Why Great Estates are turning to Biodynamic practices to enhance wine quality

• Emerging trends in the Biodynamic food and wine marketplace

• Scientists on Biodynamic vines and new discoveries about the microbiome 

• Biodynamic wines for restaurant wine programs

Multigenerational family stories of Biodynamic vintners

• Leading wines in popular varietal categories 

 A Grand Tasting with more than 40 wineries from Italy, France, Chile, Argentina and the U.S.

Trade & Media Registration

REGISTRATION - 9:00 - 10:00 AM

GENERAL SESSIONS - 10:00-12:10


• Elizabeth Candelario, President, Demeter USA

Opening Remarks

10:10 - 10:40

 Jean-Charles Boisset, President, Boisset Family Estates

State of Biodynamic Wine: An International Perspective

10:40 - 11:15

Keynote Address

What makes Biodynamic wines different from organic and sustainable wines? Why do growers and vintners embrace this approach to making wine? What are worldwide trends? Learn more about why Biodynamic practices makes sense at every point in the wine chain in this dynamic introductory presentation.


• Monty Waldin, international Biodynamic wine expert

The Great Estates: Why the World's Best Wines Come from Biodynamic Vines

11:15 - 12:15

Opening Panel

Many of the world's greatest wines come from Biodynamic vines. More great estates are going Biodynamic each year. Learn how and why leading vintners around the world embrace Biodynamic vines to improve wine quality.


Monty Waldin, international Biodynamic wine expert


• Victor Gallegos, VP, Director of Winemaking and General Manager, Sea Smoke Estate Vineyards

Jason Haas, Partner and General Manager, Tablas Creek

• Bob Lindquist, Proprietor and Winemaker, Qupé

Interlude - 12:10-12:15

LUNCH - 12:15-1:15

A box lunch will be served.




• A Place at the Table: Wine in the [Biodynamic] Marketplace


• Next Gen Biodynamic Winemakers

• Portlandia Goes BD: Natural Wines and Biodynamic Vines


• Inside the Bottle: Biodynamic Winemaking Standards and What They Tell Us About What's in the Wine



• The Latest Research on Biodynamic Vines, Soil and the Microbiome


• Biodynamic Wines Abroad – International Perspectives


• Biodynamic 101: An Introduction


• Wines by the Glass




• Biodynamic Pinot Noir

• Biodynamic Bordeaux Varietals

• Biodynamic Rhone Varietals

• Biodynamic White Wines and Sparkling Wines


A Place at the Table: Wine in the [Biodynamic] Marketplace

Marketplace Session (Cypress Room)

Biodynamic wines got their start in Alsace after local, world famous chefs discovered the great taste of Biodynamic produce. They demanded Biodynamic wines. Today, top natural food companies in the U.S. are rapidly launching new lines of Biodynamic products. And Biodynamic wines are making noise in certain sectors of the wine world. Get the inside story on marketplace trends.


Elizabeth Candelario, President, Demeter USA


• Mark Cuff, President, The Living Vine

• Emily Johnston, Wine Buyer/Sommelier

Next Gen Biodynamic Winemakers

Wine Culture Session (Hawthorn Room)

The First Families of Biodynamic wine made waves when they converted to Biodynamic vines. Now the second generation is well underway. Who are these Next Gen Biodynamic vintners and what's their view of Biodynamic vines and wines?


Monty Waldin, international Biodynamic wine expert


 Thomas Comme, Pym-Rae (affiliated with Chateau Pontet-Canet)

 Barbara Gross, Owner, Cooper Mountain Vineyards

 Jason Haas, Partner and General Manager, Tablas Creek 

• Christophe Hedges, General Manager, Hedges Family Estate 

• Alois Clemens Lageder, Proprietor, Alois Lageder (6th generation)

Portlandia Goes BD: Natural Wines and Biodynamic Vines

Wine Culture Session (Prince Room)
In Portland, an emerging natural wine movement is beginning to get excited about two things: a. Anything But Pinot Noir, and b. the superior quality of natural wine from Biodynamic vines. In response, Biodynamic growers are planting varietals natural winemakers love - Cabernet Franc, Gamay, Melon de Bourgogne, and more. Get the inside story from some of the leading lights in Oregon's new natural wine scene.

(Note: this is not a seated tasting; featured wines will be available at the Grand Tasting.)


• Bree Boskov, MW, industry consultant


• Claire Jarreau, Assistant Winemaker, Brooks Wine

 Dan Rinke, Winegrower and Winemaker, Johan Vineyards

• Chad Stock, Winemaker, Craft Wine Co. (Omero Cellars, Minimus Wines and Origin; formerly Assistant Winemaker,  Johan Vineyards) 

• Jeffrey Weissler, Owner, Pairings Portland

What's in the Bottle: Biodynamic Winemaking Standards and What They Tell Us About What's in the Wine

Explainer Session (Chapel Hill Room)

What are you buying when a bottle says "Demeter Certified"? Is there a legal standard that says no additives (other than 100 ppm of sulfites) are inside the bottle? Learn about the two categories of Demeter certified wines and what they mean to wine lovers. 


• Pam Strayer, Biodynamic wine expert


• Alex Davis, Porter Creek Vineyards

• Morgan Hall, Johan Vineyards 

• Bob Lindquist, Qupé

• Demeter Biodynamic and USDA Organic Winemaking Standards: At a Glance

Demeter USA Wine Processing Standard (Page 45)

Breakout Sessions - Session 2 - 2:15-3:00

The Latest Science: Research on Biodynamic Vines, Soil and the Microbiome

Science Session (Cypress Room)

While winemakers go with what works - using the Biodynamic preps, for instance, on compost and vineyards - scientists look at other criteria, trying to find out precisely how Biodynamic practices impact vines, roots and fruit. Current research about the microbiome is rapidly expanding our view of biological and geological processes. How do these affect wine? Hear from leading university scientists about the latest, peer reviewed  research in the field.


• Glenn McGourty, M.S., U.C. Farm Advisor (Mendocino and Lake Counties); Board of Directors, Demeter USA


• John Reganold, Ph.D., Professor, Soil Science & Agorecology, Washington State University

• David Montgomery, Ph.D., Professor, Earth & Space Sciences, University of Washington


Science articles - Demeter USA

Wines by the Glass: Producer Showcase

Producer Showcase Session (Hawthorn Room)

It's a little known fact but Biodynamic wines come in a wide range of price points, including wines priced for "by the glass" (BTG) programs. Discover producers with wines in this category in short introductory presentations from each of these wineries. 

(Note: this is not a seated tasting; all of the wines will be available to try at the Grand Tasting.)


• Bree Boskov, MW, industry consultant


• Matteo Acmé, Chakana/Inkarri, (Mendoza, Argentina)

Steve Beckmen, Winegrower and Winemaker, Beckmen Vineyards (Ballard Canyon, Santa Barbara County, California)
• Robert Eden, Chateau Maris (Languedoc, France)

• Barbara Gross, Cooper Hill and Cooper Mountain Vineyards (Willamette Valley, Oregon)

• Rudy Marchesi, President, Montinore Estate (Willamette Valley, Oregon)

• Jo Pfisterer, Alois Lageder (Alto Adige, Italy)

• Martin Pohl, Beaver Creek Vineyards (Lake County, California)

• Jennifer Tincknell, Director of National Sales and Marketing, Eco Terreno (Alexander Valley, Sonoma County, California)

Biodynamic Wines Abroad – International Perspectives

Wine Culture/Marketplace Session (Prince Room)

What countries have embraced Biodynamic wines and who is leading the movement? Have foreign buyers recognized the Biodynamic category for wine quality? Learn more about international producers and markets in South America and Europe with a group of international observers.


• Monty Waldin, international Biodynamic wine expert


• Mark Cuff, President, The Living Vine (Canada)

• Emily Johnston, Advanced Sommelier (Italy/California)

• Cristian Rodriguez, CEO, Emiliana Organic Vineyards (Chile)

• Virginie Saverys, Avignonesi (Italy)

Biodynamic 101: An Introduction

Wine Grape Growing/Explainer Session (Chapel Hill Room) 

Contrary to what the tabloid media may say, Biodynamic is not voodoo or dancing in the moonlight. It is a great farming standard and it is a very significant, emerging trend in the natural food and wine space. How is it different from certified sustainable or organic programs? How does it affect grape and wine quality? Is it a standard that can address climate change issues? This interactive, introductory session is designed to answer all your questions.


 Erin Sojourner Agostinelli. Director of Business Development, Demeter USA

Producer Showcase Sessions - 3:15-4:00

These sessions are designed to highlight selected wineries participating in the Grand Tasting and to prepare trade and media for the Grand Tasting. 

These sessions will feature a brief (5 minute) presentation about each estate, its terroir and its Biodynamic practices.

If time permits, there will be a short panel discussion after the producer presentations.

(Note: these are not seated tastings; all of the wines will be available to try at the Grand Tasting.)

Grand Tasting

Biodynamic Pinot Noir - Producer Showcase

Producer Showcase Session (Cypress Room)

Pinot Noir: it's one the most popular varietals among Biodynamic producers. For many, it was the catalyst for converting to Biodynamic practices. Discover some of the leading wines and meet the winemakers from California and Oregon making world class Pinot Noir.


• Emily Johnston, Advanced Sommelier


• Alex Davis, Porter Creek Vineyards

• Victor Gallegos, VP, Director of Winemaking and General Manager, Sea Smoke Estate Vineyards

• Eric Sussman, Radio Coteau
• Doug Tunnell, Brick House Wines

Biodynamic Rhone Varietals (Reds) - Producer Showcase

Producer Showcase Session (Hawthorn Room)
Many of the pioneering Rhone Rangers found their sweet spot in the intersection of Biodynamic viticulture and Rhone varietals. Randall Grahm famously  first embraced it at Bonny Doon (when he brought Philippe Coderey from Chapoutier). But that was just the beginning. Learn about top Rhone wines from this panel of celebrated winemakers. 


• Marianna Caldwell, Sommelier


• Steve Beckmen, Winemaker, Beckmen Vineyards

• Neil Collins, Winemaker, Tablas Creek

Robert Eden, Proprietor, Chateau Maris

• Bob Lindquist, Proprietor and Winemaker, Qupé

Barbara Steele, Founder, Cowhorn

Biodynamic Bordeaux Varietals (Reds) - Producer Showcase

Producer Showcase Session (Prince Room)

From Bordeaux to Washington, and from Napa to the Central Coast, Biodynamic viticulture is producing spectacular Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. Learn more about these nd other regions from producers on this international panel.


Bree Boskov, MW


• Matteo Acmé, Sales Manager, Chakana (Inkarri-Malbec), Mendoza, Argentina

  Elena Celli, Proprietor, Duemani (Cabernet Franc), Tuscany, Italy

• Rick Grimm, Proprietor, Grimm's Bluff (Cabernet Sauvignon), Central Coast, California

• Christophe Hedges, CEO, Hedges Family Estate (Cabernet Sauvignon), Red Mountain, Washington 

• Representative from Emiliana Organic Vineyards

Biodynamic White Wines & Sparkling Wines - Producer Showcase

Producer Showcase Session (Chapel Hill Room)

Explore the variety of white wines and sparkling wines available from Biodynamic producers. Learn about Willamette Valley Alsatians, Central Coast Albarino, Champagne, Riesling from Oregon's oldest vines and more.


• Mark Cuff, The Living Vine


• Troy Kuhn, CEO, Serendipity Wines (importer),  Cantina Orsogna (Skin Contact Pinot Gris), Abruzzo, Italy

• Rudy Marchesi, Owner, Montinore Estate (Alsatian Whites), Willamette Valley, Oregon

• Louisa Sawyer Lindquist, Proprietor/Winemaker, Verdad (Albarino), Central Coast, California

• Jo Pfisterer, Winemaker, Alois Lageder (Pinot Grigio), Alto Adige, Italy

• Valentin de Sousa, Champagne de Sousa (Champagne), France

 Chris Williams, Winemaker, Brooks Wine (Riesling), Eola-Amity Hills, Oregon

Grand Tasting